Can Gardening be a Career? – How to Earn with Gardening

People who love gardening often ask themselves whether they can earn money by doing what they know and love. The answer is yes, but with a couple of caveats. You cannot sell your skills to anyone or anywhere, for that matter. It also depends on how deep does your knowledge of gardening go. If you know only to plant a few herbs and harvest them, then you might need to learn a bit more to be a better gardener.

Here are some job opportunities you could look towards with a knowledge of gardening.

Landscape Architect

This is a very good job position which might earn you lots of money, depending on where you work. This is not a job for the faint of heart. You need to oftentimes oversee things yourself and it requires lots of physical effort and not just mental.

Your job would be to organize and design gardens and other green areas for various locations, public or private, depending on who hires you. The job can be simple but also very complicated and difficult. Still, some people, especially those with a keen eye for design often end up enjoying it.

Working in a Garden Store/Center

These positions do not require much formal education, but, as with any store, the employee would most likely undergo training in order to at least know which products they will be selling. One of the worst feelings in the world, as a customer, at least, is going to a store, asking for a recommendation and getting a blank stare or a wrong one. This position can be done by someone who doesn’t care about gardening, but more often than not, it is done by someone who has a garden of their own.

Horticulturist – Taking Care of the Green

A horticulturist often takes care of green surfaces on various public or private areas. The good part of this job is that you are not only responsible for the plants themselves, but also the potential design of the location. While knowing design might be useful, having an extensive knowledge about different types of plants is recommended. It is also worth noting that this position has you dealing with people, so management skills and communication are also considered useful.

Botanist – Researcher

As a botanist, you could do many things, from diagnosing plants to doing research at various facilities. This position almost always requires extensive education, not to mention a doctorate, for some more advanced positions. But, with that in mind, this job is definitely for those who enjoy plants and working on them, one way or another. It is also a job which pays decently, among other things.

These are but some jobs which you could essentially do with gardening knowledge and skills. Only some of these require extensive education which might take you away from gardening for a while, but in the long run, get you back with even more knowledge to what you love, plants.