Common Planting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Planting a garden requires some knowledge if you want your plants to do well. You can plant anything in almost any way, right? Yes, but it will certainly make a huge difference in whether you will get a healthy plant or any plant at all, depending on how many mistakes you make along the way. Here are some of the most common gardening and planting mistakes and how to rectify them, or better yet, how to avoid them at all.

Too Much/Too Little Sunlight

Plants love sunlight, to an extent. Just as your skin would burn when exposed to lots of sunlight during a hot time of the year, so would a plant’s leaves be destroyed. In other words, you need to know whether your plant needs lots of sunlight or just a little. The heat produced from the sun is necessary for some plants, but detrimental to others. Sunlight in general is necessary for the plant to stay alive, but the heat might be too much.

Look up the plants you want to have and ask experts should you require any further explanations.

To Water and How Much to Water

All plants require water, some more, some less. Plants like cucumbers and tomatoes love water, but others are a bit less happy about it. Again, look up your plants online and check whether they are hydrophilic or hydrophobic. This could mean the world to them, and checking before planting and watering will save you a lot of trouble and ensure that your plants will live longer.

Fertilizing – There is a Limit

Fertilizing is good for plants. Just like you need good food, so do plants need or rather, enjoy, fertilizers. But, when we eat too much food, we get sick, often to the point of not wanting to eat for a while. Our entire body’s balance gets disrupted. The same can be said for plants. Give them too much fertilizer and they will not take it well.

The answer to this is to do research on the plants you like, to know how much fertilizer they require and which kind. Not all fertilizers are the same.

Depth of the Root – It is Important

You can also plant a root too deep, or too shallow. Neither is good for the plant. Each plant requires a certain depth when you plant it. It also depends on the plant’s size at the time and what type of plant it is. Trees require a different depth compared to herbs. Doing research is encouraged before planting or replanting.

Lack of Maintenance – Plants Need Checkups

Whether it is a garden outdoors or indoors, you still need to maintain and check your plants, whether for diseases or defoliation. Each problem should be solved as quickly as possible, to make sure that your plants have the optimal conditions to grow and develop.

These are the common mistakes people make when planting. Make sure to avoid them if you want to save yourself and your plants some trouble.