Cool Gardening Gifts – Surprise Your Gardener Friends

Gardening is one of those hobbies which you can do in your spare time, a hobby which can also end up taking lots of your time and often, money. For those obsessed with gardening, anything which you can contribute might mean the world to them, or one of the plants, at least. If you have any friends who are into gardening, you should consider the following gifts as potential ones to surprise them with.

A Plant – Plants Make Great Gifts

If you are going to purchase a plant for a friend of yours, make sure that it is the kind of plant they can take care of. Not all plants succeed in all climate conditions. The gardener you are purchasing the plant for also needs the right tools and substance like fertilizer and pesticide to take care of the said plant.

If you end up purchasing a plant which might be a burden, then that gift can quickly turn into something else entirely. Do some research before you purchase a plant for a friend of yours, because it might end up becoming a burden.

Gloves – A Gift for Any Gardener

Gloves are absolutely essential for gardening. You cannot really do gardening without gloves. Technically, you could, but the problem is that you will end up having to take care of your hands more than your plants.

If you know your friend’s hand size, then a pair of gloves can be a perfect gift for your friend.

Tools – See What They Need (Changing)

Not all tools last as long. Some tools, especially cheaper ones, need replacements more often than maintenance. Look at your friend’s shed when you get the chance and talk with them. You will likely learn which tools need maintenance and which replacing. A good gardening tool costs a bit more money, but if it is a birthday gift, then it makes all the sense in the world. Tools are used, and the practical kind of gift is really important and often pays for itself multiple times.

Plant Stands – Herb Driers – Containers

Whether your friend needs a stand, a container, or a place to dry their herbs, each of these should be a good gift. Not only are these gifts highly practical, but they can also serve a decorative purpose. Decoration and practicality is a good combination and is not always achievable in a single gift.

A Compost Bin

Fertilizer can be bought or even made. A compost bin can help your gardener friend save money and make fertilizer. This is a good gift which might pay for itself in the long run, just like good tools eventually will. 

A Garden Hose or Sprinklers

A garden hose is another essential thing to gardening. It should be long enough to reach the entirety of the garden, and it would be recommended for it to have a nozzle which is changeable. On the other hand, sprinklers can also be useful, especially for plants which need watering daily. A sprinkler or hose is a wonderful gift, especially if any of the two is lacking or needs changing. It also never hurts to have a spare.

These are some of the coolest gardening gifts you can get for your gardener friends. Think about these the next time your gardener friend’s birthday gets closer.