Financial Perks of Having a Garden

My readers already know that gardening is one of the hobbies I am very passionate about. For several years, I have been told that gardening is a waste of time, that it’s boring, that it’s my useless project and so on. Some of the nay-sayers in my family, as they were my harshest critics, fell silent one by one when I pointed out that gardening can be profitable, or at the very least capable of easing the strain on the house budget. Here are a few financial perks of having your own garden.

Organic Veggies

Do you know how much this stuff costs at the farmer’s market, the green grocer’s, and the so-called ‘healthy food stores’? People are being penalized for wanting to have a healthy life and real vegetables. When you grow your own veggies in the garden, don’t expect unbelievable returns. This is one of the instances where you reap what you sow, literally.

However, having a few organic carrots, potatoes, cabbages, beets, lettuce, and so on could really help around the house. Maybe you don’t start the car to do that giant bit of shopping this weekend. Maybe you don’t try to figure out the new codes for the fruit and veggies at the store with that confusing machine. And you will definitely have better-tasting produce. No chemicals, no genetic tampering, just some all-natural food.

Turning It Into a Business

Now, this is where things get tricky. I have not done so myself, though I have seen some of my neighbours take a swing at it. There are several ways to sell your produce. You could go to one of the local greengrocer’s and make an offer. I am really not sure what the situation is regulation-wise, but some people sell their fruit and vegetables on the farmer’s market and the street, right in front of their house.

However, as tempting as this method of saving/earning money is, it is nearly impossible without a half-decent plot of land. There is no point in trying to grow potatoes in a pot and expect a pretty penny for them. So, before you turn it into a full-on business, make sure you have some land you can use, and give it a few years. My mother had great success with cherry tomatoes, but she didn’t go about selling them, as she grows them in a pot that is around one cubic foot. The same goes for florists.


Finally, having a garden may save you money by distracting you from some of the expensive things. Owning a garden and tending to it is a lot of responsibility, so you will not be able to go shopping or partying as much as some of your friends. I admit that this doesn’t sound like much, but the added monthly expenses beg to differ. Catching a taxi to come back home, having expensive hobbies, and generally spending money because you are bored is sometimes unavoidable.

To me, gardening has provided a wholesome distraction from some of the financial woes one experiences on a day-to-day basis. Now, if only I could persuade my children to stop growing, having field trips, or enjoying a specific snack full of salt and trans-fat, I’d be all set.