Gardening Tools Essentials – The Tools You Need for Gardening

A painter is nothing without their brush, and the same goes for a mechanic without the necessary tools. Sure, great mechanics and artists can make repairs and art out of anything, but even they have limits. For beginners, the right tools are obligatory, and gardening is no different in that regard to any other activity which requires tools. With that in mind, you should get the necessary equipment to handle your everyday gardening activities. Here are the tools you need.


There is a reason why every person taking care of their outdoor garden wears gloves. Not all plants are friendly towards your skin, and neither is the soil, let alone the tools. Calluses are a real thing, a painful one. You can also find many insects which will bite or sting you. Gloves are essential and you should always have a pair handy and a spare somewhere nearby.

Hand Trowel

This is one of the essential tools if you plan on doing gardening by hand. It is ideal for transplanting plants, herbs and other smaller plants. You can move an entire plant and take care of pesky roots at the same time. Some trowels have measures on them, so you can easily decide how deep to plant a root, judging by another similar plant you have.


This has to be one of the most recommended gardening tools. A good spade can cost a lot of money but it can also last you a long time, even outlast you. Spades are useful for plenty of things, from moving mounds of dirt and soil, to killing weeds. You should consider whether you need a spade with a longer or shorter handle. Each has its own benefits, from one having better leverage, to the other being lighter.


It really depends on the type of the garden, but you can get all sorts of shears from pruning ones to larger which are used for trimming bushes. They are essential for making sure that a plant has its healthy leaves and that you can remove any other parasitic plant which might attach itself to your produce. Hand pruners should fit in your hand without any effort.

Larger shears are called loopers and they are used for trimming larger plants or things which you cannot easily reach with hand pruners. Keep the blades of both sharp and maintain them regularly.

A Good Garden Hose

Garden hoses come in all shapes and sizes. If you can remove the nozzle and change it, that will give you a lot of room. Standard hoses are not the best choice as water keeps on running. Anything with a trigger mechanism works great as you can spray the water accordingly, meaning you don’t waste excess water while moving around.

The hose must be large enough. There are specific hoses which grow in size when under pressure. Keep your hose healthy and change it if you see that it has problems and leaks. Your hose is essential because plants require water.

These are some of the essential tools you need for a garden. Besides these, you should consider buying a fork, rake, a wheelbarrow and even a watering can. Consider these if you are planning on taking up gardening anytime soon.