Gardening Tutorial Apps

Believe it or not, even though people are using apps to watch sports and funny videos, play games, or discover a random bit of information, such as what the weather is like right now in the Himalayas, there is much more to apps than meets the eye. Of course, we will always use our phones primarily for entertainment – I mean the reason we love scrolling through Instagram or the reason we search for the best online casinos is to have fun, right? However, besides wanting to be entertained, people also want to learn some things. In fact, a significant portion of the apps is educational. If you look at apps like Duolingo and Khan Academy, you will see.

Now here’s the best part – there are even apps that help you learn more about gardening! If you are just starting out and can’t be bothered to how to grow a vine, or how much light and water daisies need, these apps are just what you need.

Garden Answers Plant Identifier

Did you find a weed in your yard? Perhaps there is a new kind of a flower, and you are not 100% positive it is what you want, how to take care of it, or, in certain cases, how to get rid of it. Enter this Plant Identifier. All you need to do is snap a picture and submit it through the app and you will get all the answers you need within a few seconds, as the app identifies the plant and shows you the relevant info. The app developers are Gardens Alive Inc. and you can get the app for free for Android or iOS.

Garden Time

Developed by BC Computing, this app is a handy little assistant that has your back when you are not sure when you can start expecting results. If you are trying to make a veggie garden, the app will inform you of the perfect time to sow the seeds, transplant the crops, and reap the prize. It is also a useful tool for organizing your time around your veggies and other plants. You can create your own to-do lists and even alarms to remind you of the things you need to take care of. Here’s the cherry on top – the app can be used offline. There are no annoying ads and the full version is affordable, while the trial version is free, though it lasts only for 30 days. Available for Android.

Right Plants

Right Plants is an encyclopedia of sorts by ITCRC Ltd. Not only does it identify thousands of different plants, but it also tells you a lot about what season to plant them in, how to plant, water, and trim them, and interesting facts about the plants from the same genus. The app is free on Android, though it does offer in-app purchases. If you go with the premium option, you can even create your own virtual garden and add plants to your wishlist. In other words, you can try things out virtually before getting your hands dirty.


Android users, unfortunately, have no access to this app, as it is available only on iOS. Leafsnap is an app developed and enriched by the Smithsonian, the University of Maryland and Columbia University. As the name suggests, it can identify a plethora of plants based on nothing but the leaf of the plant. There is a UK version that has a special section with plants in the Natural History Museum. The app is free and does occasionally crash, but the amount of information and the potential of the app as an educational tool more than make up for it. There is no indication that this app will make it to Android, but we still hope so.