Gardening TV Shows to Check Out

You can get a tip on gardening pretty much anywhere on the web. It doesn’t matter if it’s a useful article or a YouTube tutorial, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and bits of advice from all over the world. We are going to get a little bit old-fashioned now and tell you about the gardening TV shows. There are still some useful and relevant ones out there, so here are my personal picks.

Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Available on Netflix, this show is hosted by Monty Don, the horticulturist. What he does is pretty simple and yet amazing – he visits people in their homes and gives them tips on how to start or improve their garden. It is a type of feel-good show where you don’t have to get embarrassed just because you are a novice at gardening, or because the gardening shows you may have seen before had giant yards and the target audience were the posh people. This is the show for the everyman. You will see poor souls struggling until Don comes to the rescue. There are about ten episodes, one hour each, so sit back, relax, and take in some proper advice.

Gardener’s World

Here is a blast from the past that is still going strong, eh? It has been on air since 1968 with episodes lasting around 30 minutes, though there were a few longer ones as well. This is another show where you’ll find Monty Don. Gardener’s World is a melting pot of amateurs, professionals, horticulturalists, and novices giving their own two cents on how to manage a garden.

The Beechgrove Garden

Here is a treasure from our own BBC One Scotland and BBC Two Scotland. It is ten years younger than Gardener’s World, though it is also still airing. The idea started with making episodes surrounding a small garden behind the BBC studios. The garden in question had a makeover several times over. The show boasts over 1,000 episodes and is currently presented by Chris Beardshaw, Carole Backster, and George Anderson. Jim McColl retired in April of 2019.

The A to Z of TV Gardening

Do you remember learning the alphabet when you were young? There was this bit where you were expected to find as many words as you could that start with a certain letter. This show uses a similar concept. Carol Kirkwood is the host of the show and she takes a journey through the world of television gardening, setting a letter for each episode. She interviews the experts, TV presenters, and others connected to other gardening shows. So, if you are looking for an eclectic approach to gardening, this show may be right for you.