Gardening Versus Going to the Gym – Which One is Better?

People thinking about hobbies often debate which one they prefer and give out arguments, often wrong ones, as to why one hobby is better than another. Gardening can be a difficult and physically and mentally draining hobby, and with that in mind, wouldn’t going to the gym be better? It depends, on plenty of things, mainly what you prefer. Here are the pros and cons of both.

Gardening – A Lovely Hobby or Painful Failures

Gardening as a hobby can be very rewarding, in so many ways. You get to watch plants grow and change and evolve into something you can harvest and enjoy, literally. Herbs and fruits are always rewarding, and physically so. Some flowers can make your life better, visually and by making your air better. A natural freshener is better than an artificial one. It definitely smells better.

But, plants can also suck the life out of you, especially if you fail to learn your lessons. Too many and you cannot take care of them all, especially with insufficient knowledge or attention to detail. When one or two plants start dying and you get discouraged, things might become blue far quicker than you would enjoy.

Gardening as a hobby has both its ups and downs and it is up to you to decide what you will do with your failures, as they are bound to happen. Should you go to the gym?

Gym – Gains or Pain(s)?

When going to the gym, you can meet lots of people, and good people, too. You can also see your body get literally transformed from a skinnier or larger version, into a chiseled Greek statue. That is always rewarding and gives confidence to do many things in life, from meeting new people to taking shots at getting a better job position.

On the other hand, if you do the exercise wrong, with bad form or if you are particularly lazy in the gym, the gains might never be there. You can also seriously injure yourself without expert advice or a spotter. In other words, the gym can turn out to be one of the worst decisions you could have ever made.

Gardening Versus Lifting – Which Should You Choose?

It all essentially comes down to the things you love. You could choose both and be very happy with both, or a single one and be miserable with that decision. How you approach both will determine whether you succeed. Unforeseen circumstances might affect both, yet you can get through each situation with support from experts and basic evaluation of your current condition (or that of your garden).

Whether you choose gardening or going to the gym, either should be good for you if you approach it carefully and thoughtfully.