Getting Inspired and Creative in the Garden

We all want our garden to look wonderful and show Sylvia next door that we know a thing or two, thank you very much! Now, it may be difficult to find some ideas to spruce up your yard, rooftop, or humble garden on the terrace. Not to worry, you can find exciting ideas wherever you look and there are too many options to count.


One thing I have always found charming is when a person makes a wee house or some miniature furniture to accommodate the gnomes or some other ornaments you may have. Pretending your garden is a vast jungle, a peaceful valley, and even a small town creates a fairy tale you and your visitors will love.

If you have little ones or little relatives, you may want to include them in the garden planning and make a story as you go along. Sharing your leisure time with your family – what fun!

Combine Aesthetics and Functionality

If you would like to have a bit of structure while growing something and still want to get something practical out of it, try planting grapes or something similar. You will have shade, fruit, possibly wine, and a homegrown ingredient for vine rolls. Statues, poles, or a gazebo will do nicely as support for the plants.

You can also have a go at plants that attract wildlife. This is out of the question if you are planning on having some cabbages or carrots for personal use, but do consider something like hawthorn, as it attracts several charming species of birds. If you don’t like certain kinds of pests you can plant what repels them, like basil for mosquitoes.

Choose a Theme

Sometimes, you want your garden to say something. Some people treat them as their own personal canvass, though that option requires a larger plot of land and nearly endless patience. You can make a floral clock, clip the shrubs to resemble sculptures or anything else you might think of. The sky is the limit and you are the only one who gets to say whether it is good.

Turn to Social Media

Last, but not least, we can turn to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms to look for ideas regarding the design and advice about gardening. You may feel a pang of guilt over taking someone else’s idea. Let me tell you that there is no reason for it.

You don’t need to copy what you see exactly. People on the web tend to share all kinds of advice and information you may find useful when coming up with your own ideas. They are there to inspire you – you need to do the rest.