Online Gardening Games

My little cousins’ idea of relaxation is spending hours on end killing each other in online games. It then occurred to me that there is a hobby that combines gardening and games. Online gardening games are a perfect way or a person who is interested in gardening and rituals but doesn’t have a lot of time, or a proper space to take care of their plants. It is the same way as someone interested in gambling visits to find a bonus code that would suit them. So, I’ve browsed a bit online and here are a few games I’d like to give a go.

A few things to point out. First of all, I am not a gamer, so it is possible that some truly great things have escaped my attention. Secondly, this list is just a humble opinion of mine. I do not get paid or receive other benefits for mentioning certain games and developers. Lastly, this list was created for fun. Let’s dive in.


I can’t believe this game is already ten years old. They grow up so fast. In all seriousness, this is an online game that was pretty big on Facebook when it came out, had a huge following in the past and, though it no longer has that new-game smell, it has produced a few sequels. If you haven’t heard of it, you may have heard of a similar farming simulation. I hear you saying that farming and gardening are vastly different and, on principle, I would agree with you. On the other hand, this is the virtual world we are talking about and the ritualistic principles of taking care of a farm in a simulation is a fun, no-strings-attached experience.


If you frequent the Steam store, you will find Potioneer: The VR Gardening Simulator. As its name states, this is a VR game. The game itself is not too demanding as of yet, since it is still in development, so you will not need a super-powerful computer to play it. You can grow your own crops in VR and walk around in your digital world. At the time of writing, the game costs just a bit over 8 euro.

House Flipper/Garden Flipper

There is a game called House Flipper, where you completely remodel a home. That’s not the focus of this piece now. I am actually more interested in its DLC (downloadable content, something like an extra bit of the same game) – Garden Flipper. You can clear the junk from the yard, replant some trees, place a new lawn, build a gazebo, pave the entire yard, save for the few precious flower spots, and so much more. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, though the price is a little steep for me – around 30 euro for the game and the DLC.

Flash Games

There is also a ton of flash games that people play online for free. Free games are there as developers are trying to learn and promote themselves. Most of the gardening games involve planting crops, enjoying some simple controls, and having gameplay that you can just walk away from. On the one hand, this seems not worth your time, but there are a few hidden gems and diamonds in the rough to be found. You could even find clones and knock-offs of popular games.

Sadly, this is something that may no longer be available from 2020 onwards. Namely, the beloved flash player, used by many for amateur video games and animation, is finally getting decommissioned. That means that the flash games will probably either going to have to find a new medium or disappear entirely.